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Main line Steam Today

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Far from being a static Museum Exhibit, we intend that the new Manchester United steam locomotive will see regular service hauling special trains on Britain’s Main Lines.

Currently more than 300 steam specials run every year ranging from family day’s out to the coast to the top of the market ‘Orient Express’ corporate dining trains such as the one seen above. The VSOE Pullman trains are regularly priced at more than £200 per seat and are often filled to capacity.

Given the B17 Class locomotive’s excellent route availability and capacity for high speed running, we believe it will be a popular choice of engine for hauling special trains on the modern network.

When not required for Main Line duties, we intend to hire the locomotive out for use on UK Heritage Railways such as the East Lancs Railway, the Worth Valley Railway or the Severn Valley Railway etc where it will be a major attraction.

There are dozens of preserved railways in the UK and steam operating days and galas are held regularly throughout the year, quite often on a daily basis during the summer months. This will provide revenue to cover overhauls.